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Workshop Levels:
Level 1
All skill levels welcome, from absolute beginners to those wishing to refine skills or refresh techniques. In class firing and polishing/finishing. Relaxed pace.
Level 2
Must have taken Metal Clay Foundation Skills. Reinforcing basic skills, introducing new techniques, requires at home polishing/finishing. Moderate pace.
Level 3
Must have taken any Level 2 class. Skills will be refined, and understanding expanded, multi-tasking. Requires at home polishing/finishing. Brisk pace.
Level 4
Must have taken several Level 3 classes. More challenging and independant working environment. Improvisation and design opportunities. Brisk pace, may not be finished during class. Requires at home polishing/finishing.

foundation_4232 B&BMetal Clay Foundation Skills  $95
by Cindy Pankopf

Level 1*
Sat. June 20  (10a-5p) or
Sat. July 11 (10a-5p) or
Sun.  August 2 (10a-5p) or
Sat. August 29 (10a-5p) or
Sun. Sept. 13 (10a-5p)

Explore real silver in clay form! This moldable, rollable clay is amazing! Learn about the different varieties of clay and see examples of many different applications. You will make three personalized pieces while learning about tools, and techniques. You’ll learn everything from rolling and texturing the clay, to sanding, polishing and oxidizing. You’ll leave with finished jewelry and possess the skills which are the foundation of your future creative explorations with metal clay! All skill levels welcome. Additional $60 materials fee, includes 20g silver clay and the use of all tools and supplies.

Romanesque  $60
by Cindy Pankopf

Level 2*
Sat. Sept. 19 (2-6p)

Copper clay is a great alternative to silver metal clay at 1/10 the expense! You will learn the basics of working with Art Clay Copper as you texture, form and drill each of the components that combine into this stunning neckpiece. Matching earrings are a cinch to make. All skill levels welcome. Materials list.

Behind the Garden Wall  $60
by Cathy Burton

Level 2*
Sat. June 27 (10a-2p) or
Sun. August 30 (9a-1p) or
Sat. Sept 19 (9a-1p)

This hollow lentil bead has a slightly higher difficulty level because there is only a partial front to the pendant. The back will be the foundation for your paper clay tree. Paper clay leaves will add to the picture, creating texture and dimension. Movement will be created through the use of an articulated bail that allows the pendant to swing freely. Materials list.

Foundations of Ring Making  $130
by Cindy Pankopf

Level 2*
Two-parts: Sun. June 28 & July 5 (10a-5p) or
Two-parts: Sat. August 15 & August 22 (10a-5p)

Learn the basics of the three classic metal clay ring forming techniques: snake band, flat band, and dry assembled construction. Calculating for shrinkage is critical when making rings so they will fit properly. Also covered: carving, pearl setting, clay bezel stone setting, and clay doming. With all of these techniques under your belt you’ll be ready to explore ring designing on your own.  Materials list.

Stone Setting Sampler  $75
by Cindy Pankopf

Level 2*
Sat. July 25 (10a-5p) or
Sun. August 16 (10a-5p)

Various ways to set stones including syringe bezels, lump clay bezels, fine silver prong settings, and tongue setting will be demonstrated in this class. You will also learn how to layer stamped designs, laminate clay layers, and how to securely attach bail backs. Design your own unique piece with the methods you want to try. Materials list.

The Moyogi Tree  $69
by Cathy Burton

Level 3*
Sun. July 19 (12-5p) or
Sun. August 9 (12-5p)

In the bonsai world, Moyogi refers to a bonsai tree whose trunk draws curves in patterns. Create shadow box for this graceful tree, replete with sparkling accents reminiscent of Japanese cherry blossoms. Skills learned will include creating a textured frame, building a supporting wall, and flush setting CZs. And no green thumb required! Dry construction experience helpful. Materials list.

Split Personality Ring  $60
by Cathy Burton

Level 3*
Thurs. June 25 (6-9:30p) or
Sat. July 18 (9a-1p) or
Sun. August 30 (2-6p)

As the name indicates, this ring is split down the middle, joined on one corner by a CZ set in a tube bezel. You can create two totally different sides to this ring, thus the split personality, or create a continuous texture on both sides, and finish with embellishments. Unlike other rings, this one does not start with a ring band formed on a mandrel, but shrinkage calculation is still at play here. Ring forming and extruder experience helpful. Materials list.

Artemis  $75
by Inez Flaugh

Level 3*
Sun. July 26 (10a-5p) or
Sat. Sept. 12 10a-5p)

Artemis: the Greek Goddess of the hunt, nature and birth, whose name originates from the word for “safe.” The name is fitting for this pendant which personifies protection of oneself in both the Malachite cabochon, a protection stone that absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the air and body and in the arms that reach around to protect the stone. In this class you will learn to create prongs from metal clay to envelope and securely hold your cabochon in place. Materials list.

Phases of Woman  $75
by Inez Flaugh

Level 3*
Sun. July 12 (10a-5p)

The fine line carving on this ring is representative of the phases of a woman. She starts out in the womb, grows to a child, then to a young lady and blooms into a woman. In this class you will learn how to size your ring, make a seamless connection, set a CZ and seamlessly mount it onto the ring and add some decorative fine line carving. Materials list.

Bypass Rings  $60
by Cathy Burton

Level 3*
Sat. July 18 (2-6p) or
Thurs. August 13 (6-9:30p)

If you have been frustrated with rings in the past that don’t quite wind up the size you planned, this is the class for you. While shrinkage is still a factor, this simpler version will allow for a range of sizes so you can make rings for others without fear. You will make two rings in this class and leave with an understanding of how to safely shape your rings. Materials list.

The Abyss  $75
by Inez Flaugh

Level 3*
Sun. August 23 (10a-6p) or
Sun. Sept. 20 (10a-6p)

A chasm of color holding your dreams in suspension. In this class you will learn to fire suspended glass cabochons in place as well as how to roll a snake long enough to create a bail. You will also learn how to size your clay and fire it with the glass in place thus fusing it to the finished metal pieces. Materials list.

Level 1 Certification  $750
by Cindy Pankopf

Level 3*
Fri.-Sun., Sept. 25-27 (9a-5p)

Immerse yourself in Art Clay in this intensive 3-day workshop. You will create 7 projects and cover many techniques, from ring formation to working with porcelain, setting CZs, syringe techniques, cork clay, and more. This is a great opportunity for those who want to refine their ACS skills or for those who want to teach. Students who successfully complete each project will become Certified Art Clay Silver Level 1 Instructors. Includes all clay and materials.

Delta Queen  $75
by Inez Flaugh

Level 4*
Sat. August 1 (10a-6p) or
Sat. Sept. 5 (10a-6p)

Delta Queen, just the shape of it tells all. The Queen of the Delta is what you will feel like when you wear this. You will learn to build on refining of making snakes, working with and firing with glass. Materials list.

Captured Beauty  $75
by Cathy Burton

Level 4*
Sat. August 8 (10a-6p) or
Sun. Sept. 6 (10a-6p)

Learn how the principles of shrinkage come into play with a flat prong-setting. Based on your stone, you will create a template (or use a ready-made one), decide on prong placement, and learn how to factor in size adjustment so that prongs wind up where you want them. This technique is perfect for that unusually shaped stone you love but don’t know how to combine with metal clay, plus you won’t need any wire tools because these prongs are made out of metal clay! Materials list.

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