Creative Place Heads to Tucson

Cathy Burton and I set out on our first journey to The Tucson Bead Show at the Windmill Inn. This was my first time going to Tucson during the world’s largest bead, gem and jewelry shows. This massive event spans the city and more than the entire month of February!

It is a little spooky that I am teaching before I have ever even been to the event, but what the heck…when opportunity knocks, you have to open the door, right?! Cathy will be selling a vast array of metal clay tools and supplies in the front of the suite while I will be teaching metal clay workshops and beading classes in the back. I pretty much stripped Creative Place bare to bring all the fun goodies from Orange County to Tucson. Good thing we drove. This will be a jewelry making bonanza!

Our hotel room is an adjoining and makes for a really convenient (albeit cozy) set up. Since this is the first year of this specific show, many people are not realizing that there are classes being offered but they are super enthusiastic about squeezing one in and planning on more next year.

The food at the restaurant across the plaza “Union” is so mind-numbingly delicious that we keep eating there night after night. Can you say “bacon!” Oh my, every dish is better that the next. I digress…

I’ve already paid for the same room at The Tucson Bead Show for next year, and I’m planning the new class schedule (suggestions welcome!) Start saving your pennies for next year, and make an appointment with Jenny Craig for when you get home!



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