What an exceptional place to relax, learn and create!  Cindy Pankopf’s Creative Place in Fullerton, California is an amazing find and if you’ve ever wanted to take a class to learn how to make jewlery – you really need to stop and check this place out.  She teaches many different forms of jewelry making techniques but learning to make just about anything your imagine can lead you to, working with fine silver (not sterling – fine silver) Art Clay Silver is AMAZING.

You don’t have to invest in major equiptment like you would if you wanted to make something from sterling silver.  Art Clay Silver is like putty that can be formed into shapes and fired.  The end result is your own amazing creation made in fine silver (even copper if you wish).

She has amazing kits she’s personally designed for bead work.  You won’t be dissapointed – only amazed at how easy the process works.  She’s a great teacher and I’ve really enjoyed all of my classes and the end results – JEWELRY.

She has a range of classes and even a basic class for those who want to just check-it-out.  Sign up for a class and take a friend spending a day making jewelry!  It’s a wonderful place.

Virginia A.

Great Teacher! I learned so much from her!

I have done wire wrapping for several years and decided to add PMC to my jewelry collection. This class is so full of great information. I feel confident that I can venture into to this new field because of the tips and all the information she gives. I especially love the way she teaches because she makes it seam simple and fun. I think the beginner to advanced could learn something from these lessons. I am very grateful I watched this video before I started buying expensive supplies because she gives good tips on what I can use that I might already have around the house.

Check out Cindy’s Craftsy Class “Silver Metal Clay”



I really loved this class! Cindy is a great teacher, fully explaining EVERYthing in a way that’s easy to understand. I feel ready to take on this medium and be successful with it and am looking forward to making beautiful things! If I had to pick an area for improvement, it would not be with Cindy, It would be that sometimes, when she was trying to show a detail on a piece as a demonstration, it was hard for the camera to pick up the detail she was trying to show. I knew what she was talking about anyway, but I really wanted to see her beautiful work very close up. I’m gonna check out her book because I crave more knowledge and because she may have featured some of these gorgeous pieces in it.

Check out Cindy’s Craftsy Class “Silver Metal Clay”


This video is well thought out and contains so much great information and techniques that I highly recommend to anyone, whether you are just starting your metal clay adventure or have been doing it for years. Cindy puts it all out there for you in an easy to understand, fun format, and creates some beautiful projects, making you feel like you can do it too.

Check out Cindy’s Craftsy Class “Silver Metal Clay”

Cat Burton